Take A Look At Some Of Our Projects

Nspire Healthcare

We were asked to move the Nspire HDpft system (lung function diagnostic system). This is a high definition lung testing body booth which contains a mixture of gases and is made entirely of glass. 

This company entrusted us with the transportation of this high end spec medical equipment to the upcoming exhibition that would be taking place in Vienna. 

We liaised with the exhibition co-ordinators (Schenkers) so that all the movements would run smoothly, this involved confirming that all ferry times and logistics coincided with the expected arrival time for the customer.

This was a new type of transport for us as we had to research all safety aspects concerning the movement of the gas canisters as these are deemed as “Hazardous Materials”. We had specially made markers for the vehicle and all hazardous goods communications were completed prior to any travel. 

We received an extremely high level of praise from the customer in the UK and in Europe for both the attention to detail in the moving of this system as well as the professionalism of our dedicated driver who was present on site.

Move The First Ever Ultrasound Machine

R H Logistics were contacted to remove an ultrasound machine from the Glasgow Museum and deliver to Portland Street London the next day. We were informed that in fact this ultrasound machine was the very first one of its’ kind and had been kept in a glass cabinet at the Glasgow Museum for many years, its’ value…PRICELESS.

R H Logistics sent up a full team of installers to remove the system and deliver it to Portland Street London where it would be shown off to the public for one week.

Kerry Katona’s Baby Shower

The R H Girls were on hand with Kerry Katona at her baby shower. 

R H Logistics installed and set up a high end Ultrasound machine for the one day celeb filled baby shower on the 23rd February 2014.

We wish Kerry all the best.